What We Do

around AR is a comprehensive smart vision ecosystem for smartphones and AR glasses. Using sensor data and artificial intelligence, the platform links real places and objects with digital content. As a PaaS solution, the app allows B2B customers and users to easily combine their own editorial content with powerful computer vision technology and to offer their very own AR-solutions through our in-app store. Information can be accessed by simply pointing the smartphone at the environment and virtual objects may be integrated directly into the real world in three dimensions.
Leave a comment on a real-world object, visualize complex topics in 3D, and identify any object through a quick scan. All in one app, persistent and coherent.

Our Team

Mark Frey


Jana Geddert

3D Art / Design

Augmented Reality Right Where It's Needed

around AR enables easy and affordable access to Augmented Reality and Computer Vision for end-users, companies, and developers. We provide seamless integration of all kinds of Smart Vision applications in one comprehensive system.

With around AR, any point on earth is an interface for your content. 3D objects are placed in the right location based on object recognition and can be viewed by any user. Custom content may be offered by anyone and distributed in the app. Thus, around covers the complete functional range of Smart Vision and provides a centralized point of contact. 

As a cutting-edge technology, AR is currently still highly compartmentalized and is often implemented for its novelty rather than as a serious everyday form of interaction with digital content. We are directly addressing this challenge with our application and help to establish AR as an accessible, mature technology. Our goal is to provide one comprehensive platform to bring together the fractured AR-market.