Content on the Spot

around AR links real objects and places with digital content in a coherent world that encompasses the entire globe. Custom editorial content may thus be presented in AR without any coding knowledge. In this way, users can comment on real objects, bring topics to life in three dimensions and identify any object with a short scan. All in one app, persistent and coherent.


Object Detection

Recognizing Important Features

Pinpoint Localization

Supplementing Location Data with AI

Real World Anchors

Content at Persistent Locations


Realtime Rendering

3D Objects and more

Interactive 3D Objects

Connecting Form and Function

Modular Architecture

Filter and Cluster Content

Single Coherent System

Comprehensive Global Access


We are opening our product range for market entry with customized Software as a Service solutions based on our technologies. This means that we currently take over the complete implementation of your AR and computer vision solutions at no extra charge. Be it a tool for area planning, an AR tourist guide or an application for object identification – as soon as your idea links environment and information, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation.